Davidson’s Folding arm awnings Ballarat

Great for shading windows and outdoor living areas alike

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Davidson’s Folding Arm Awnings are great for shading windows and outdoor living areas from heat too, especially in hard to access places.

The Folding Arm Awnings extends in and out, stretching your chosen fabric across the area to provide effective, heat reducing shade when you need it, or move it away if you want to let the sunshine in. After a hot day, the afternoon sun can be extremely pleasant and, combined with a gentle breeze, brings a calm serenity into your home.

Manufactured to the highest quality and beautifully designed, the Davidson’s range of Folding Arm Awnings will not only add value to your home but provide you with more useable space in our great outdoors.

It is remarkable how you can reduce the cost of your home energy bills when you are able to manage how much, or how little, heat you allow into your home. Davidson’s Folding Arm Awnings can stop heat entering your home which means you end up paying less for cooling.

Did you know, outside blinds awnings are able to reflect up to 70% of heat before it reaches the window? That’s a significant difference and when winter rolls in, you simply fold up the awnings and welcome the warmth of the winter sun to comfortably and cheaply warm your home.

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