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Davidson’s Honeycomb cellular blinds Ballarat

Filters light in multiple levels with insulation properties

Your home insulation will improve with our Honeycomb cellular blinds.

Also knows as Honeycomb shades or Cellular shades, they are one of the most popular window solutions in the United States and Europe. However, here in Ballarat, it is often an under-considered option as they are a great insulating blind, perfect in Ballarat’s Hot and Cold Climate.

Honeycomb cellular blinds have light filtering properties, using sheer, semi-opaque and woven fabrics to darken rooms. These fabrics are made into d-cell shapes, which can be raised and lowered using corded, cordless or motorised control. The simple design in the fabric makes it the most low-key in narrow windows or commercial spaces.

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Honeycomb cellular blinds Ballarat

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