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Automated Blinds

Automated Blind technology has advanced over the years allowing our customers the ability to unlock
the convenience of automated shade control in their homes or office environment. For more
than 20 years the Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters team have been servicing the needs of
Ballarat and surrounds offering a wide range of standard and custom automated blind

What are Automated Blinds?

Automated blinds are blinds that utilise a small motor that allows you the convenience of
opening or closing your blinds via remote control automatically. This allows you to be able to
close your blinds at the touch of a button, via wireless remote control or an APP. The
customer experience can also be further enhanced via voice control through Google
Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Home Kit.

Why Would I Choose Automated Indoor Blinds?

There are many reasons for considering the installation of an automated blind system in your
office or home.

  • Comfort and Convenience – You can program the blinds in your home or office to open
    and close when required.
  • Save on Energy Consumption – The ability to automate your blind system allows you to
    retain warmth during the cooler months and provide relief from the heat during Summer
    reducing your reliance on your heating and AC systems to regulate your climate. Automated
    blinds also have the ability to function based on the position of the sun.
  • Improved Privacy + Security – Privacy can be provided at a touch of a button or a voice
    command. Automated blinds are ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms and can be programmed to
    close when you are not in the building. If you are on holidays your system can be
    programmed to be open during the day and automatically closed of an evening providing the
    illusion that someone’s home.
  • Improved Safety + Security – Automated blinds are streamlined, so no more need for chain
    or cord systems. This feature is fantastic if you have small children or lively pets at the
  • Efficient – Automated blinds save you time. Everything can be controlled via remote or via
    your phone App when you are out and about.
  • Easy Integration – Automated blind systems are an easily integrated and aesthetic solution
    for the home or office. There are a wide range of automated blind styles, fabric and finish
    options and a vast array of colours to suit your existing interiors.
  • Personalise Your Blinds – With Automated blinds you are able to customise rooms,
    routines and timers that enable automatic shade or privacy control based on the time, weather
    and your schedule.
  • Longer Lasting – Automated blinds last longer than tradition blind systems as they receive
    less manual handling so are less prone to tearing.
  • Easy 3 Step Set Up – Power On, Download the App, Connect and Enjoy.

What Indoor Automated Blind Systems are Available?

  •  Automated blind systems can be battery operated or hardwired. They can also be automated
    via remote control, through voice activation through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or
    Apple Home Kit.
  • Automation can be applied to many existing in-home or office blinds such as venetians,
    romans or rollers. Please ask our team if your current blinds are suitable for automation.

The Davidson’s Blinds team can provide custom automated blind solutions to suit any
window size or interior style so please get in touch to see how we can help.

In a world where automation is at our fingertips, automated blind systems provide a quiet,
convenient and seamless solution for modern comfort. If you would like more information,
please visit our Ballarat Showroom at 617-619 Howitt Street Ballarat, or please call us on
5333 3066.