Dual Blinds Ballarat

Dual Roller Blinds

Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters have a wide range of dual blinds available to provide Ballarat homes and businesses with a stylish choice for their window coverings. Whether you are building a new home or office, or renovating your current one, we have many choices of modern dual blind designs and fabrics to suit any room or decor.

Dual Roller Blinds

Dual blinds are available in our popular roller blind range. Dual roller blinds also commonly called Day/night Blinds or Double Roller Blinds, are a wonderful solution for providing differing light control and privacy, while also keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Dual roller blinds provide the benefits of two roller blinds on the same mechanism. One blind can be a total block out option which is fantastic for providing privacy and darkness. Blockout blinds are especially ideal when watching movies, or if you require complete darkness in your room due to day time sleeps for younger children, or for night shift workers. You then team the blockout blind with one of our sunscreen blinds or light filtering blinds. Both these blind options provide shade and light control by reducing the amount of light entering the room, without blocking the view. They also protect your furnishings from damage due to the sun’s harmful rays.

Why Choose Dual Blinds?

Dual blinds are perfect for wider windows, sliding doors, or for contemporary or period homes and offices. Our Ballarat team can come to visit you to provide a measure and quote service, so you can be certain that your dual roller blind system will work and fit perfectly to any window.

Although dual roller blinds are on the same mechanism, each blind can be independently operated, as each have their own chain, so you have full control of the amount of light you want entering the room, depending on the weather, sun glare and what situation you are using the room for.

Dual Blind Options

Due to having two blinds one in front of the other, you can mix and match the fabric, style and colour of each blind, allowing you to compliment furnishings, homewares, or the paint colour you have in the room. At our Ballarat showroom we also have a choice of fabric options available, from our budget range with over 35 colour choices, to our executive range which adds another level of luxury to any room.

Dual roller blinds can be cord operated, or we also have a motorised option available. The motorised option is a great choice by being completely child safe and eliminating the use of hanging chains.

Our Ballarat Showroom

At our Showroom at 617- 619 Howitt Street Ballarat, we have dual roller blinds available to see, fabric samples to view and many friendly staff who have the knowledge to assist you with your choice. So please come and visit us, we are open Monday through to Saturdays!

2019 Blind Trends

2019 Blind Trends

With a new year comes new trends in blind colours and styles. Whether you are wanting to freshen up your current window furnishings, or you are selling your home and are looking to increase the resale value, knowing the 2019 blind trends will allow you to keep your home modern and stylish.

Here’s our top 5 blind trends for 2019;

  1. Smart Blinds – Also known as Electric Blinds or Motorised Blinds. Are becoming a hugely popular addition to any home due to advancements in technology and particularly their safety features, as they have no chains or cords. Smart blinds can be operated via a remote control, or through an App on your phone, or through voice activation via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Smart Blinds are a very convenient way of saving time, as they are operated with one single command, or a touch of a button.

  2. Black Blinds – This year we will see a rising trend in black blinds of all shapes and styles, including roller blinds, roman blinds and venetian blinds. Television programs such as “The Block” have made black a very popular choice in home styling and decor, which therefore increases its popularity with viewers. Black blinds can make a dramatic and bold statement in any home and when matched with black homewares, can add a lot of sophistication to any room.

  3. Natural Fabrics – With people being more environmentally conscious, we are seeing an increase in the use of natural materials and colours when choosing window furnishings. Blinds made of linen, bamboo and cotton are very popular and we have also seen an increase in the use of natural wood finishes, such as Natural Timber Shutters. Blinds colours such as brown, beige, cream or green are also a very popular choice and can provide a natural calming effect in any room. When these natural colours and materials are complimented with natural wood furniture, flooring or homewares, it can provide a beautiful stylish balance within your home.

  4. Patterns/Textures/Embossing – Our range of blind styles and materials are continually increasing which means our customers have a larger choice of patterned and textured blind fabrics to suit their individual needs. Social media such as Instagram and Facebook means our customers are researching home styling and interior decorating and are becoming more confident choosing patterned and textured blinds when styling particular rooms, such as their living rooms and bedrooms. Natural prints such as leaves, trees and flowers are popular and are a great way to add colour into your home, especially when choosing blind colours such as red, yellow or blue.

  5. Energy Efficient Blinds – With home costs always increasing, so many of our customers are choosing Energy Efficient Blinds to help save money and to protect themselves and their furnishings from the sun’s harsh rays in summer and to maintain warmth in their home in winter. Our energy efficient blinds are available in a full blockout option, a sunscreen option, or a light filtering option, depending on how much light you are wanting to enter into your room. Our friendly staff can provide you with more information to help make your choice a lot easier.

So if you’re planning on redecorating, or just want to switch to the latest styles, please call us on 5333 3066,
or come and see our Showroom at 617-619 Howitt St Ballarat, we would love to help!

Merry Christmas from Davidson’s Blinds & Shutters

Davidsons Blinds Christmas

Our team at Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters have had a very busy and enjoyable year. We would like to say a huge “Thank You” to our valued customers for all your support, it’s been a pleasure to provide you with our services this year and for the past 20 years.

Throughout 2018 we have seen some new trends in blinds and shutters, but we have also seen some oldies making a comeback;

  • Roller Blinds continue to be one of our highest selling blinds. Our most common purchases are neutral colours like cream and greys, but a number of our customers have also chosen bold colours such as red and yellow to add some brightness and style to their home or office.
  • Patio Blinds & Sun Blinds have increased their popularity. Aussies love to entertain so we are seeing many customers request patio blinds and sun blinds to enclose their outdoor areas, so they can enjoy the company of family and friends all year round.
  • Motorised /Electric Blinds – With technology advancing rapidly and many of us becoming time-poor, we have seen a huge increase in the sale of motorised blinds. Most of us have a mobile phone, so when combined with electronic blinds or shutters, can help make our lives so much easier and simpler.
  • Pattern Blinds are also on the uprise. With the introduction of home renovation shows such as The Block and House Rules, we are seeing customers become more confident in styling their homes and offices and choosing printed fabrics to add some creative flair and class.

Our team have enjoyed assisting customers with their window furnishing purchases and sharing our knowledge to help make choices suiting their individual style and needs. During the Christmas period our team will also be having some quality time with their family and friends, so our Ballarat Showroom will be closed from Friday 21st December and re-open on January 2nd.

As we usher in the New Year we would like to wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas and hope your celebrations include lots of fun and laughter.
See you in 2019!

Motorised Indoor Blinds for your Home or Office

Motorised Blinds Ballarat

For more than 20 years our team at Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters have been servicing the Ballarat and Daylesford regions, helping customers choose the right colour and style of blind to suit their home or office. We offer a wide range of custom made and ready made blinds, and we also provide traditional cord blinds or motorised indoor blinds. You may have heard about motorised blinds (also called “Blind Automation” or “Electric Blinds”), but you may not have all the information to make a choice. We would like to help make your decision a lot easier by explaining motorised blinds in more detail.

What are Motorised Indoor Blinds?

Motorised blinds are the ability to open and close your blinds with the touch of a button, via a remote control or App on your phone, or with voice activation through a third party voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Why Would I Choose Motorised Indoor Blinds?

• Improved Safety – Motorised blinds means no more chains or cords. This can be of great benefit for safety especially if you have young children or pets and are worried about having to watch them closely around dangling cords.
• Saves Time – Motorised blinds save a lot of time as you control your blinds with one single command or touch. You can do this at your home or office, or even when you’re out using your phone.
• Improves Aesthetics – Automating your blinds can improve the overall style in your home or office. There are a wide range of motorised blind styles, fabric options and colours available to suit any decor.
• Extra Convenience – You can program your entire home or office to be synced to one remote control and also program your blinds to a timer, to open or close at a time of your choice.
• Enhanced Security – Since your blinds can be programmed to open and close, this is ideal if you are away from your home or office, or if you’re on holidays and want people to believe you’re still around, by programming them to open and close at a set time.
• Energy Saving – Motorised blinds can help retain warmth in winter and reduce the heat in summer. This means less time using your air conditioners and heaters.

What Indoor Motorised Blind Options Are Available?

• Indoor motorised blinds are available in a range of blind styles including venetian blinds, roller blinds or roman blinds.
• Blinds can be operated through a remote control, an App on your phone, or through voice activation such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
• Our team can custom make indoor motorised blinds to suit your window size and style.
• You can also motorise many of your current indoor blinds. Just ask one of our friendly staff about the type and size of the blinds you have and whether this is available.
• Indoor Motorised Blinds can be battery powered or hardwired. Battery powered is more cost effective, although hardwired options are becoming more popular as our customers are enjoying their reliability and convenience.

The luxury of being able to control your blinds with a touch of a button or your voice, is very appealing to many people. As technology advances, motorised indoor blind options are also dramatically improving. Their motors were in the past considered quite noisy, but now they make little noise and are promoted to be a quiet option. Their cost is also more affordable due to a range of choice and products available. It you would like more information, please visit our Ballarat Showroom at 619-619 Howitt Street Ballarat, or please call us on 5333 3066.

A Guide to Blind and Shutter Terminology

Shutter Blinds Ballarat

When purchasing blinds and shutters for your home or office, we realise the terminology or jargon used can be a little confusing. At Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters we would like to share our knowledge with you by explaining some of the most common words used in the industry and the meaning in simpler terms.

Types of Blinds & Shutters;

Roller Blinds – A stiffened fabric blind equipped with a rolling mechanism which can be rolled up or down.

Roman Blinds – are made with soft folds of fabric that lie flatly against each other when opened.

Vertical & Pleated Blinds – Blinds with vertical slats which tilt together up to 180 degrees to allow light to enter the room.

Panel Glide Blinds – are similar to Vertical Blinds, but they are individual panels and each panel can be opened individually, altogether, sideways, or to one or both sides.

Venetian Blinds – Blinds with horizontal slats which tilt together to control the light you want to enter the room.

Sun Blinds – The traditional Australian canvas sun blind covers your external windows to block out sunlight.

Patio Blinds – are external blinds designed to enclose your patio, verandah and outdoor living spaces.

Timber Shutters – are beautifully crafted horizontal shutters to add style to your interior windows.

Roller Shutters – Solid custom built shutters installed over your exterior windows which provide security and fire protection to your home or office.

Folding Arm Awnings – are external blind coverings which shade windows and outdoor living areas, especially in hard to access places.

External Shutters – Horizontal shutters which are designed to add style to your home or office windows.

Types of Fabric;

Total Blockout – means the fabric completely blocks out the amount of light entering the room.

Light Filtering– also known as Translucent. Provides a soft filtering light to enter the room. You can’t see out of them and you can’t see through them if you’re outside.

Sunscreen – Blocks out 95% of the sun’s rays. Great for privacy as you can see out of them, but can not see through them if you’re outside.

General Terminology;

Custom Made – are made to order blinds and shutters based on your individual requirements, style and measurements. You can choose your size, style, colour and fabric. Our custom made blinds and shutters are 100% Australian made, so you can be assured of their quality.

Ready Made – are a fast and more affordable option. Ready made blinds and shutters are “off the shelf” meaning they are ready made standard sizes, colours and fabrics. We can trim blinds to match your specifications, but your choice of style and colour is limited.

Tilt Rod Mechanism – A strip of wood or metal attached to all the blades in a blind, allowing them to rotate together, or individually. The rod is manually used.

Motorised Control System – are motorised remote controlled easy to use systems.

Spring Operated System – rely on a spring tensioned clutch mechanism to hold the fabric in its position. Great for blinds with heavier fabrics, or larger blinds.

Self Aligning Cord Guides – are guides installed to your blind or shutter to ensure they raise and lower without skewing.

We hope we have helped you understand more about blinds and shutters, for any further information please call our friendly staff on 5333 3066, or visit our Ballarat showroom at 617 – 619 Howitt Street.

Choosing the Right Blinds for Wet Areas in your Home

Blockout Blinds

When choosing blinds for wet areas including your kitchen, bathroom and laundry, it is important to choose blinds and fabrics that are resistant to damp environments and moisture. Certain blind fabrics such as cottons, are susceptible to mould and are not suitable in areas where water and steam are present. At Davidson’s Blinds & Shutters, we have more than twenty years experience helping our clients choose the most suitable blinds for wet areas and we would like to share some of our recommendations with you.

Venetian PVC Timber Range Blinds
Our range of PVC timber blinds are perfectly suited for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry windows. Natural timber blinds can absorb moisture and buckle so they are not ideal for wet areas, but our PVC range of timber lookalike blinds, resist moisture and provide a stylish alternative. Our PVC range offers a wood look style, as well as white or off white, depending on your preference and colour scheme.

Venetian Aluminium Range Blinds
If you are looking for a low maintenance and water resistant blind, then our aluminium venetian blinds are perfect for the wet areas in your home. They provide a versatile and stylish choice and are not easily damaged by steam, moisture of water. They are also easy to clean which is an added bonus.

Timber Shutters
Also know as plantation shutters. At Davidson’s we offer a range of stylish synthetic timber shutters which can add elegance and style to your home. Our range of synthetic timber shutters are water resistant making them perfect for wet areas. When they are closed, timber shutters also provide excellent privacy making them ideal for bathrooms. They also come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your needs.

Roller Blinds
Our standard range of roller blinds are made of a polyester fabric with an acrylic coating, making them perfectly suited to wet areas in your home. These blinds are mould, mildew, fading, dust and fire resistant, so they are suited to the wet areas in your home.

We hope you have found this information helpful, but please come into our Ballarat show room or call us on 5333 3066 if you have a particular fabric, colour or style you like, as some of our fabrics are treated to resist moulds and moisture, making them also suitable for bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas.

Personal Consultants

Davidsons blinds services

The team at Davidson’s Blinds & Shutters strives to be the best at what we do. Our expert consultants are available to advise on the various ways in which Blinds or Shutters solutions may best suit your home and lifestyle.We know what we do and we do it well. We deliver all of our customers a high degree of professionalism. Friendly and prompt service is our daily aim.

Organise a representative to visit your home today by simply calling 5333 3066

Reduce costs of your home energy bills

Folding Arm Awnings

It is remarkable how you can reduce the cost of your home energy bills when you are able to manage how much, or how little, heat you allow into your home. Folding Arm Awnings can stop heat entering your home which means you end up paying less for cooling.

Did you know, outside blinds awnings are able to reflect up to 70% of heat before it reaches the window?

That’s a significant difference and when winter rolls in, you simply fold up the awnings and welcome the warmth of the winter sun to comfortably and cheaply warm your home. Elegant Davidson’s Folding Arm Awnings are an excellent solution to reducing the temperature inside your home. Not only do they look beautiful and stylish from the outside, they create comfortable temperatures inside whilst also stopping ultraviolet sunrays from invading your home and fading the colour of your carpets and furnishings.

> Find out more about Davidson’s Folding Arm Awnings.