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Why Internal Blinds are the best way to keep your home cooler in summer

Keep you home cooler with internal blinds.

Now that the warmer weather is arriving it’s so important to keep your home nice and cool. With the cost of living increasing and therefore your utility costs getting higher, any time you don’t have to use your air conditioner means you reduce your electricity bill and these savings are a huge benefit.

By having our team professionally install internal blinds is an effective way to save money and makes your indoor space a lot more comfortable. Let us explain in more detail why internal blinds are the best way to keep your home cooler in summer.

The Benefits of Internal Blinds

The Australian Government states that “up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained through windows”. Window coverings such as Internal Blinds helps keep out this heat by providing comfort, regulating temperatures, and lowering energy bills. Indoor blinds can add an aesthetic appearance to your home, but they also have many other benefits. Our following three blinds look great and also have fantastic cooling properties;

Roller Blinds – help energy consumption as when they are closed they provide full window coverage. Roller blinds are available in a total sun block out fabric, or a light filtering option. They can also be used in a double roller blind set up (dual) to include a sunscreen and block out roller onto the one bracket for further privacy and insulation.

Honeycomb Cellular Blinds – also known as Honeycomb Shades or Cellular Shades, use sheer, semi-opaque and woven fabrics to darken rooms. These fabrics are made in d-cell shapes which capture a layer of air inside their cellular construction, allowing them to help regulate temperature, making it a great cost-effective option.

Roman Blinds – are available in a range of fabric colours, patterns and textures. When lowered their heavier fabrics will offer better insulation properties and thermal performance. Total sun block out allows your room to keep a lot cooler on warmer days.

Protective Factors

We know the sun’s ultra violet (UV) rays can be damaging to your skin, but they are also very damaging to your furnishings, paintwork and flooring. Internal blinds keep out the light and protect your furnishings from damage, fading and general wear and tear, saving you time and money in caring for all parts of your home.

Fabric is Important

Block Out Internal Blinds – also called “Black Out Blinds” are one of our most popular blinds. Block out blinds are made of a 100% block out fabric and completely block out the amount of light entering the room. Due to having zero light transmission and therefore lower the temperature in your room by reflecting heat and reducing sun glare.

Sunscreen Internal Blinds – are made from a specially designed mesh fabric which lets in plenty of light, while protecting you from the sun’s rays. Sunscreen blinds block out up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays, creating energy efficiency. Sunscreen blinds provide a great level of privacy as you can’t see into the room from outside, although they are not a block out fabric, meaning you can still see through them and maintain your outside view.

Light Filtering Internal Blinds – are available in our UPF Rating 50+ which reduces the amount of harmful ultraviolet light entering the room and also come in a range of styles including plain, textured or coloured fabrics.

Here to Help

This website offers a full range of indoor window treatment solutions for keeping your home cool this season. Browse our site to see our full collection, or please contact us for a private in home consultation. Or drop by our showroom at 908 La Trobe Street in Delacombe, Ballarat, Victoria.