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Roman Blinds Ballarat

The Advantages of Installing Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds, also known as Roman Shades and Jamaican Blinds, are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and limitless design choices. At Davidsons Blinds Ballarat, we can custom make Roman Blinds to suit windows varying in size and width; and with our extensive range of fabric colours, patterns and textures, you can “Make a Statement” in any room.

Winter has arrived in Ballarat and with our average overnight temperatures around 5 degrees, maintaining warmth in our homes is vital. Roman Blinds are perfect for Ballarat weather as they can be made of our heavy duty block out fabric, which provides excellent benefits in improving insulation by keeping out the cold and keeping in the warmth. By keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, also saves on energy costs.

Depending on the room and window frame you are wanting to furnish, the type of fabric you need will differ. You may choose a lighter fabric to provide a visually softer appearance in your room and allow light to filter in. Or if you require more privacy, such as in a bedroom, a heavy duty fabric would be preferred which blocks out the sun, but also a heavy duty block out fabric and lining helps hide the blinds lift strings at the back.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) Rating
At Davidsons, our block out and translucent Roman Blind fabrics offer the maximum UPF Rating of 50+ meaning in the warm summer months the suns harmful rays entering your home are reduced, which in turn keeps your home cooler.

Roman Blinds come in a range of styles to suit varied size windows and rooms in your home. They look great anywhere as they are simple and stylish. Roman Blinds are perfect for smaller windows which may not suit heavy curtains, as they can sit neatly inside the window frame without taking up extra space either side. They can also be made to sit outside the window frame to create a larger window look.
All of our Roman Blinds also come with self-aligning cord guides to ensure your shades will raise and lower perfectly every time.

Contemporary or Period Homes
Roman Blinds suit contemporary modern homes as they provide a sleek elegant touch to your room and decor, but they can also be made in a range of fabrics and styles to suit the beautiful historical and period homes of Ballarat. The standard classic Roman Shades feature separate panels of fabric and are raised fold by fold to provide a clean, minimalist look while creating a sense of luxury and style.
At Davidson’s we also have a wide range of textured and patterned fabrics and colours to compliment classic architecture.

Cleaning Roman Blinds
Although Roman Blinds are easy to clean, depending on the type of fabric used may require a different cleaning method. We will provide you with the best cleaning method upon purchasing our blinds, but if you’re ever unsure, we recommend to please call us on 5333 3066 and speak to one of our experts, or please come and visit our Ballarat Showroom at 617-619 Howitt Street Wendouree.

So if you are wanting to add elegance and style to your home, please consider our beautiful custom made Roman Blinds, we know you won’t be disappointed!