Automated Blinds

automated blinds

Automated Blind technology has advanced over the years allowing our customers the ability to unlock
the convenience of automated shade control in their homes or office environment. For more
than 20 years the Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters team have been servicing the needs of
Ballarat and surrounds offering a wide range of standard and custom automated blind

What are Automated Blinds?

Automated blinds are blinds that utilise a small motor that allows you the convenience of
opening or closing your blinds via remote control automatically. This allows you to be able to
close your blinds at the touch of a button, via wireless remote control or an APP. The
customer experience can also be further enhanced via voice control through Google
Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Home Kit.

Why Would I Choose Automated Indoor Blinds?

There are many reasons for considering the installation of an automated blind system in your
office or home.

  • Comfort and Convenience – You can program the blinds in your home or office to open
    and close when required.
  • Save on Energy Consumption – The ability to automate your blind system allows you to
    retain warmth during the cooler months and provide relief from the heat during Summer
    reducing your reliance on your heating and AC systems to regulate your climate. Automated
    blinds also have the ability to function based on the position of the sun.
  • Improved Privacy + Security – Privacy can be provided at a touch of a button or a voice
    command. Automated blinds are ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms and can be programmed to
    close when you are not in the building. If you are on holidays your system can be
    programmed to be open during the day and automatically closed of an evening providing the
    illusion that someone’s home.
  • Improved Safety + Security – Automated blinds are streamlined, so no more need for chain
    or cord systems. This feature is fantastic if you have small children or lively pets at the
  • Efficient – Automated blinds save you time. Everything can be controlled via remote or via
    your phone App when you are out and about.
  • Easy Integration – Automated blind systems are an easily integrated and aesthetic solution
    for the home or office. There are a wide range of automated blind styles, fabric and finish
    options and a vast array of colours to suit your existing interiors.
  • Personalise Your Blinds – With Automated blinds you are able to customise rooms,
    routines and timers that enable automatic shade or privacy control based on the time, weather
    and your schedule.
  • Longer Lasting – Automated blinds last longer than tradition blind systems as they receive
    less manual handling so are less prone to tearing.
  • Easy 3 Step Set Up – Power On, Download the App, Connect and Enjoy.

What Indoor Automated Blind Systems are Available?

  •  Automated blind systems can be battery operated or hardwired. They can also be automated
    via remote control, through voice activation through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or
    Apple Home Kit.
  • Automation can be applied to many existing in-home or office blinds such as venetians,
    romans or rollers. Please ask our team if your current blinds are suitable for automation.

The Davidson’s Blinds team can provide custom automated blind solutions to suit any
window size or interior style so please get in touch to see how we can help.

In a world where automation is at our fingertips, automated blind systems provide a quiet,
convenient and seamless solution for modern comfort. If you would like more information,
please visit our Ballarat Showroom at 617-619 Howitt Street Ballarat, or please call us on
5333 3066.

How to Choose Between Ready Made Blinds and Custom Made Blinds

Ready Made Blinds

When choosing blinds for your home, your business, or for a large commercial project, you are completely spoilt for choice. There are a wide range of blind colours, blind styles and blind sizes to choose from, but how do you know what blinds will suit your individual style and decor?
For more than twenty years our team at Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters have been helping our Ballarat customers choose the right blinds. One question to think about is would you like ready made blinds “off the shelf”, or are you thinking of custom made blinds that are made to measure? Let us explain these two options in more detail to help make your decision easier.

What are Ready Made Blinds?

Ready made blinds are blinds that are already made and selected straight “off the shelf”. If you know your blind measurements, then you can come straight into our Ballarat Showroom and select the right size that you need from our ready made blind department, or we can trim our ready made blinds to suit your window size.

What are Custom Made Blinds?

Custom Made Blinds are made to order blinds based on your individual requirements, style and measurements. With our custom made blinds you choose your size, your style, your colour and your fabric from our wide range of beautiful Australian made options, therefore your blind will be a perfect fit every time.

What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Ready Made Blinds?

  • Ready made blinds are a fast and affordable option, as they are already made.
  • Ready made blinds can be installed yourself which can save you time and money. Although some people may not feel confident installing ready made blinds, so this can be a disadvantage depending on your ability to do blind installations.
  • Ready made blinds in our “Custom Size Now Range” can be trimmed to match your specifications.
  • If you’re after a quick replacement for a standard damaged blind, then ready made blinds can be a great option.
  • The disadvantages of ready made blinds are that although affordable, ready made blinds have extremely limited sizes, styles, colours and fabrics.
  • Ready made blinds also do not have the same high quality fabrics as custom made blinds, this is why they are more affordable.

What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Custom Made Blinds?

  • Custom made blinds are made to fit your windows perfectly, which is ideal for windows that are an unusual shape and size.
  • There are so many choices of colours, fabrics, styles and sizes of custom made blinds, so no matter what decor or area you are fitting blinds, you know they will look fantastic!
  • We also have colour and fabric samples for you to see before making a purchase. Our Ballarat Showroom also has a wide range of blind colours, styles and fabrics for you to see to help make your choice easier.
  • Our team provide professional measure and quote and blind installation for custom made blinds, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.
  • Our custom made blinds are of the highest quality, are Australian made, meet all Australian standards and come with our 4 year warranty.
  • The disadvantages of custom made blinds are they of course cost more, but as the saying goes, “you pay for what you get”.
  • Custom made blinds also take longer to make, so you will need to allow for this when making a choice. 

We hope this information has made your decision a lot easier. For more information please contact us on 5333 3066, or please visit our Ballarat Showroom at 617-619 Howitt St Wendouree.

Window Furnishings Ballarat

Window Furnishings Ballarat

Window Furnishings Ballarat

When choosing window furnishings for your Ballarat home or office, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. We are blessed with so many choices when it comes to window furnishings, but that means it can be hard to know where to begin, that’s where we can help! At our Ballarat showroom we have many window furnishings for you to see and a wide range of fabrics and colours to suit your style, your space and your budget.

Types of Ballarat Window Furnishings

Ballarat has a wide range of beautiful homes and buildings, including classic heritage listed homes, Victorian period style commercial buildings, and modern contemporary homes and offices. The range of styles means your choice of window furnishings also varies. At Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters we have many options for you to choose from.

  • Roman Blinds – are blinds made with soft folds of fabric which lie flat against the window and stack neatly together when closed. Roman blinds are a great choice for Living Rooms, Sitting Rooms and Waiting Rooms, as they create a lovely ambience in the room.
  • Venetian Blinds – are horizontal slats one above the other and can be tilted together to control the amount of light entering. Available in both a timber and aluminium options.
  • Roller Blinds – are a stiffened fabric attached to a timber or aluminium roller mechanism. Our roller blinds are available with Blockout, Sunscreen and Light Filtering options and can be used as a single roller blind, or as a dual blind.
  • Vertical and Pleated Blinds – are vertical slats that are all linked together. Venetian and pleated blinds are ideal for wide windows, sliding doors or bay windows.
  • Panel Glide Blinds – are blinds made in separate pieces, so one can be opened or all panels can be opened together. They are a great choice for large windows, sliding doors and bi-fold doors.
  • Shutters – Davidson’s range of timber shutters are available in natural timber or synthetic options. We have four styles available including hinged, fixed, bi-fold or sliding, with manual control or remote control.
  • Custom Made Blinds – If you have a unique space, unusual size windows, or a particular style you like, our team at Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters can make your blind or shutter to suit your individual requirements.

The Benefits of Ballarat Window Furnishings

Window furnishings have very practical benefits including adding privacy to your room, protecting your furniture and floors from the harsh sun’s rays, keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter, especially when we can get minus temperatures during the Ballarat winter months. Window Furnishings can also add elegance and style to any home or office. You can choose a bold colour to make a statement, or use a minimalist look for a more conservative style. The right window furnishings can also improve the value of your home or office, which is ideal if you are selling in the competitive Ballarat market.

For more information on any of our window furnishing products, please contact our team on 5333 3066, visit our Ballarat showroom at 617-619 Howitt St.

Window Security Screens

Window Security Screens

It’s always an exciting time purchasing, building or renovating your home or office. When you’re investing a lot of time and money into this, you want to make certain that your property is maintained and protected the best way you can. Window Security Screens are a fantastic way to provide superior protection to your home or business, while also providing many other benefits for you.

What are the Main Benefits of Window Security Screens?

  • At Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters we provide the highest quality Invisi-Gard window security screens which are made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. The mesh screen quality provides the ultimate protection for your family, your staff and your clients, while also exceeding all relevant Australian and Industry Standards.
  • Our window security screens are designed first and foremost to protect you from would-be intruders. Our screen quality has been professionally tested against heavy impact, extreme difficulties in cutting and have additional lock features for extra added security.
  • Due to window security screens being exposed to the harsh elements of wind, rain and sun over long periods of times, the design of the screen and the mesh have been constructed to prevent rust and corrosion, therefore they won’t compromise your safety or your family’s safety.
  • With beautiful sunshine or heavy rainfalls, your home or business can be exposed to unwanted pests, such as flies and mosquitoes. Window security screens can allow your home or office to be protected from these flying bugs, while still enhancing natural ventilation by allowing fresh air to enter the room.
  • The high quality thickness of the mesh of our window security screens provides you with added privacy, by stopping people from peering through your windows, while also maintaining your view of the outside.
  • The security screen durable mesh also keeps your residence and commercial building a lot cooler by reducing the suns damaging rays from entering your property. This in turn improves the energy efficiency and can save you money.
  • All of our window security screens are supported by a 15 year warranty if maintained to manufacturer’s instructions, therefore you know your purchase is of the highest quality.

Window Security Screens Free Measure and Quote

Our team at Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters can come to your home or business to provide you with a free measure and quote of your window frames throughout your property. Our staff are highly experienced to also discuss matching of your existing decor, or recommend new colours to suit your style. We can provide our free measure and quote service to Ballarat, Daylesford, Creswick, Hepburn Springs, Ballan, Elaine, Buninyong, Gordon, Clunes, Bacchus Marsh or anywhere within 50 kilometres of Ballarat. To arrange a free window security screen measure and quote please call us on 5333 3066, or please visit our showroom at 617-619 Howitt Street Wendouree.

Free Blind Measure and Quote

Davidsons Blinds

Free Blind Measure and Quote

It’s always an exciting time moving into a new home or office, or renovating and updating your current decor to a more modern style. When choosing blinds and shutters for your residence or commercial building, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming knowing what style or colour to choose, that’s where Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters can help by providing our free blind measure and quote service.

What is a Free Blind Measure & Quote?

For more than twenty years Davidson’s Blind’s and Shutters have been helping their customers with their blind and shutter solutions. Our free measure and quote service is provided by our experienced staff and colour consultants who come directly to your home or office to provide their expert advice on what blinds and shutters would match your individual style and budget.

What is involved in a Free Blind Measure & Quote?

Our friendly staff come to your home, office or building site to sit with you and discuss your needs. We will then walk through your home or office to actually see the windows or space requiring blinds or shutters and provide a personal consultation about what colours, style, product and energy efficiency would be your best options. Our staff can also bring along fabric and colour samples to match your existing decor, or a new style that you had in mind.

Who is our Free Blind Measure & Quote Service suitable for?

Our free blind measure and quote is ideal for first home buyers, designer homes, period homes, commercial buildings, large commercial projects, small offices, or anyone renovating or updating their exterior blinds, internal blinds, shutters or awnings.

Where is our Free Blind Measure & Quote Service offered?

Our experienced staff can visit homes and offices in Ballarat and in the surrounding areas within 50 kilometres including, Daylesford, Creswick, Hepburn Springs, Ballan, Elaine, Clarendon, Bacchus Marsh, Buninyong, Gordon, Clunes, Smythesdale and Scarsdale to name a few.

How can I receive a Free Blind Measure & Quote?

There are a number of ways to get this wonderful free blind measure and quote including;

  1. Call our team on 5333 3066.
  2. Visit our large showroom at 617-619 Howitt St Ballarat.
  3. Email us on
  4. Complete our Contact Form on our website at

We look forward to providing you with our free personalised in home or office consultation. All of our blinds, shutters, awnings and fittings also come with our 4 year warranty, so you can be reassured you are receiving a high quality service and product every time!

Federation Style Security Doors

federation security Doors

federation security Doors

We are blessed in Ballarat with beautiful federation homes, period style cottages and heritage listed buildings, many which have been traditionally renovated and restored to maintain their beauty. At our Davidson’s Blinds & Shutters store in Ballarat we have a vast range of federation style security doors available to compliment your existing home and office features. Our federation style security doors will provide a grand entrance into your home or building, while also offering excellent security.

What are the Benefits of Federation Style Security Doors?

First Impressions – Whether you are renovating your current home or office, or you have just made a new purchase, to maintain the classic features a federation style security door will capture that added character and with a wide range of styles, patterns and colours available, you can be assured that we can match any of your existing exterior and interior decorating.

Safety – Our Federation style security doors are made from a world class 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh which is 10 times the strength of the Australian Standard in terms of absorbed energy. This in combination with heavy duty aluminium framing, provides maximum protection for your home, your family, your staff and clients. Security screens also help to deter thieves and provide you with protection when opening the door to strangers.

Improved Ventilation – During summer and warmer weather, it is beneficial to be able to open your federation style screen door to allow air and light to enter. The flow of fresh air is ideal to cool down your home or office, while also providing protection from bugs and mosquitoes.

Privacy – As mentioned federation style security screens can improve safety, but the thickness and quality of the mesh also provides privacy when it is open. The added bonus is your security door can make it difficult for people to see in, but allows you to maintain your view of the great outdoors.

What are the Special Features of Davidson’s Federation Style Security Doors?

  • Our Federation style security doors are constructed from architectural grade aluminium and 316 stainless steel mesh, both of these materials are highly corrosion resistant, exceptionally strong and durable.
  • All screen doors are fitted with three point locks for additional security.
  • We have a full range of standard colours available to match any residence or commercial building style and decor.
  • Our federation style security doors are customised to suit your door frame. We also provide a range of options such as hinged doors or sliding doors and they can also be made to cover glass lights as well.
  • Each federation style security door is provided with a 15 year warranty.

Further Information
If you require further information about our federation style security doors, then please call our friendly staff on 5333 3066, or visit our Security Doors and Screens Page or please visit our showroom at 617-619 Howitt Street Wendouree to see our screen door displays.

Dual Blinds Ballarat

Dual Roller Blinds

Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters have a wide range of dual blinds available to provide Ballarat homes and businesses with a stylish choice for their window coverings. Whether you are building a new home or office, or renovating your current one, we have many choices of modern dual blind designs and fabrics to suit any room or decor.

Dual Roller Blinds

Dual blinds are available in our popular roller blind range. Dual roller blinds also commonly called Day/night Blinds or Double Roller Blinds, are a wonderful solution for providing differing light control and privacy, while also keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Dual roller blinds provide the benefits of two roller blinds on the same mechanism. One blind can be a total block out option which is fantastic for providing privacy and darkness. Blockout blinds are especially ideal when watching movies, or if you require complete darkness in your room due to day time sleeps for younger children, or for night shift workers. You then team the blockout blind with one of our sunscreen blinds or light filtering blinds. Both these blind options provide shade and light control by reducing the amount of light entering the room, without blocking the view. They also protect your furnishings from damage due to the sun’s harmful rays.

Why Choose Dual Blinds?

Dual blinds are perfect for wider windows, sliding doors, or for contemporary or period homes and offices. Our Ballarat team can come to visit you to provide a measure and quote service, so you can be certain that your dual roller blind system will work and fit perfectly to any window.

Although dual roller blinds are on the same mechanism, each blind can be independently operated, as each have their own chain, so you have full control of the amount of light you want entering the room, depending on the weather, sun glare and what situation you are using the room for.

Dual Blind Options

Due to having two blinds one in front of the other, you can mix and match the fabric, style and colour of each blind, allowing you to compliment furnishings, homewares, or the paint colour you have in the room. At our Ballarat showroom we also have a choice of fabric options available, from our budget range with over 35 colour choices, to our executive range which adds another level of luxury to any room.

Dual roller blinds can be cord operated, or we also have a motorised option available. The motorised option is a great choice by being completely child safe and eliminating the use of hanging chains.

Our Ballarat Showroom

At our Showroom at 617- 619 Howitt Street Ballarat, we have dual roller blinds available to see, fabric samples to view and many friendly staff who have the knowledge to assist you with your choice. So please come and visit us, we are open Monday through to Saturdays!

2019 Blind Trends

2019 Blind Trends

With a new year comes new trends in blind colours and styles. Whether you are wanting to freshen up your current window furnishings, or you are selling your home and are looking to increase the resale value, knowing the 2019 blind trends will allow you to keep your home modern and stylish.

Here’s our top 5 blind trends for 2019;

  1. Smart Blinds – Also known as Electric Blinds or Motorised Blinds. Are becoming a hugely popular addition to any home due to advancements in technology and particularly their safety features, as they have no chains or cords. Smart blinds can be operated via a remote control, or through an App on your phone, or through voice activation via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Smart Blinds are a very convenient way of saving time, as they are operated with one single command, or a touch of a button.

  2. Black Blinds – This year we will see a rising trend in black blinds of all shapes and styles, including roller blinds, roman blinds and venetian blinds. Television programs such as “The Block” have made black a very popular choice in home styling and decor, which therefore increases its popularity with viewers. Black blinds can make a dramatic and bold statement in any home and when matched with black homewares, can add a lot of sophistication to any room.

  3. Natural Fabrics – With people being more environmentally conscious, we are seeing an increase in the use of natural materials and colours when choosing window furnishings. Blinds made of linen, bamboo and cotton are very popular and we have also seen an increase in the use of natural wood finishes, such as Natural Timber Shutters. Blinds colours such as brown, beige, cream or green are also a very popular choice and can provide a natural calming effect in any room. When these natural colours and materials are complimented with natural wood furniture, flooring or homewares, it can provide a beautiful stylish balance within your home.

  4. Patterns/Textures/Embossing – Our range of blind styles and materials are continually increasing which means our customers have a larger choice of patterned and textured blind fabrics to suit their individual needs. Social media such as Instagram and Facebook means our customers are researching home styling and interior decorating and are becoming more confident choosing patterned and textured blinds when styling particular rooms, such as their living rooms and bedrooms. Natural prints such as leaves, trees and flowers are popular and are a great way to add colour into your home, especially when choosing blind colours such as red, yellow or blue.

  5. Energy Efficient Blinds – With home costs always increasing, so many of our customers are choosing Energy Efficient Blinds to help save money and to protect themselves and their furnishings from the sun’s harsh rays in summer and to maintain warmth in their home in winter. Our energy efficient blinds are available in a full blockout option, a sunscreen option, or a light filtering option, depending on how much light you are wanting to enter into your room. Our friendly staff can provide you with more information to help make your choice a lot easier.

So if you’re planning on redecorating, or just want to switch to the latest styles, please call us on 5333 3066,
or come and see our Showroom at 617-619 Howitt St Ballarat, we would love to help!

Merry Christmas from Davidson’s Blinds & Shutters

Davidsons Blinds Christmas

Our team at Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters have had a very busy and enjoyable year. We would like to say a huge “Thank You” to our valued customers for all your support, it’s been a pleasure to provide you with our services this year and for the past 20 years.

Throughout 2018 we have seen some new trends in blinds and shutters, but we have also seen some oldies making a comeback;

  • Roller Blinds continue to be one of our highest selling blinds. Our most common purchases are neutral colours like cream and greys, but a number of our customers have also chosen bold colours such as red and yellow to add some brightness and style to their home or office.
  • Patio Blinds & Sun Blinds have increased their popularity. Aussies love to entertain so we are seeing many customers request patio blinds and sun blinds to enclose their outdoor areas, so they can enjoy the company of family and friends all year round.
  • Motorised /Electric Blinds – With technology advancing rapidly and many of us becoming time-poor, we have seen a huge increase in the sale of motorised blinds. Most of us have a mobile phone, so when combined with electronic blinds or shutters, can help make our lives so much easier and simpler.
  • Pattern Blinds are also on the uprise. With the introduction of home renovation shows such as The Block and House Rules, we are seeing customers become more confident in styling their homes and offices and choosing printed fabrics to add some creative flair and class.

Our team have enjoyed assisting customers with their window furnishing purchases and sharing our knowledge to help make choices suiting their individual style and needs. During the Christmas period our team will also be having some quality time with their family and friends, so our Ballarat Showroom will be closed from Friday 21st December and re-open on January 2nd.

As we usher in the New Year we would like to wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas and hope your celebrations include lots of fun and laughter.
See you in 2019!

Motorised Indoor Blinds for your Home or Office

Motorised Blinds Ballarat

For more than 20 years our team at Davidson’s Blinds and Shutters have been servicing the Ballarat and Daylesford regions, helping customers choose the right colour and style of blind to suit their home or office. We offer a wide range of custom made and ready made blinds, and we also provide traditional cord blinds or motorised indoor blinds. You may have heard about motorised blinds (also called “Blind Automation” or “Electric Blinds”), but you may not have all the information to make a choice. We would like to help make your decision a lot easier by explaining motorised blinds in more detail.

What are Motorised Indoor Blinds?

Motorised blinds are the ability to open and close your blinds with the touch of a button, via a remote control or App on your phone, or with voice activation through a third party voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Why Would I Choose Motorised Indoor Blinds?

• Improved Safety – Motorised blinds means no more chains or cords. This can be of great benefit for safety especially if you have young children or pets and are worried about having to watch them closely around dangling cords.
• Saves Time – Motorised blinds save a lot of time as you control your blinds with one single command or touch. You can do this at your home or office, or even when you’re out using your phone.
• Improves Aesthetics – Automating your blinds can improve the overall style in your home or office. There are a wide range of motorised blind styles, fabric options and colours available to suit any decor.
• Extra Convenience – You can program your entire home or office to be synced to one remote control and also program your blinds to a timer, to open or close at a time of your choice.
• Enhanced Security – Since your blinds can be programmed to open and close, this is ideal if you are away from your home or office, or if you’re on holidays and want people to believe you’re still around, by programming them to open and close at a set time.
• Energy Saving – Motorised blinds can help retain warmth in winter and reduce the heat in summer. This means less time using your air conditioners and heaters.

What Indoor Motorised Blind Options Are Available?

• Indoor motorised blinds are available in a range of blind styles including venetian blinds, roller blinds or roman blinds.
• Blinds can be operated through a remote control, an App on your phone, or through voice activation such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
• Our team can custom make indoor motorised blinds to suit your window size and style.
• You can also motorise many of your current indoor blinds. Just ask one of our friendly staff about the type and size of the blinds you have and whether this is available.
• Indoor Motorised Blinds can be battery powered or hardwired. Battery powered is more cost effective, although hardwired options are becoming more popular as our customers are enjoying their reliability and convenience.

The luxury of being able to control your blinds with a touch of a button or your voice, is very appealing to many people. As technology advances, motorised indoor blind options are also dramatically improving. Their motors were in the past considered quite noisy, but now they make little noise and are promoted to be a quiet option. Their cost is also more affordable due to a range of choice and products available. It you would like more information, please visit our Ballarat Showroom at 619-619 Howitt Street Ballarat, or please call us on 5333 3066.